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Leave and Attendance Module : paperless automated

HR Management Software

This module covers two critical tasks of HR leave and attendance management.

  • Easily Configure Company’s Leave policy.
  • HR Managers can define list of holidays by location or division. Holidays defined will be automatically marked in attendance.
  • In system one can define Leave Encashment details.
  • Employees can view company holidays and leave policies in employee self service portal.
  • Employees can request leave and view their leave balances online through employee self-service portal and their request will be routed to their Manager and HR.
  • Employee can request for the modification in leave and attendance records, and can cancel the leave requests.
  • System captures the details of applied leave and approved leave.
  • Employee can request for compensatory off if they have worked additional to a normal hours.
  • HR managers can identify which leave policies apply to the leave, and the leave management solution will manage and track these concurrently with the other types of leave. Flexible rules determine employee eligibility and leave entitlement and the order in which the leave balances must be used.
  • Real time approvals by setting automatic reminders for supervisors to review leave requests in a timely manner.
  • Track team attendance and work hours
  • On-line attendance logging option
  • Integration with external attendance logging systems
  • Upload attendance and leaves of employees through spread sheets.
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