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HR Management Software

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Increment & Promotion Module : maximize performance

HR Management Software

Define the Increment slabs as required – Annual Performance Increments and Ad Hoc Increment to meet organization needs. Flexibility to give Increment with effective date, Declaration date, Arrear from the effective date.

  • Annual Increment: Increments can be % or amount specific to do Annual increment
  • Performance Increment: Increment based on Performance, can be Quarterly / Half yearly & Yearly.
  • Ad hoc Increment: Increment that can be given at any given point of time
  • Promotion: Give Promotion to Employees. Able to define Promotion Date
  • Re-designation: Facility to redesignate the Employee

Confirmation & Contract Renewals Module

Confirmation: Facility to confirm the services of the Employee, from contractual rolls.
Probation Extension: Able to extend Probation of an Employee, in case required for any particular employee.
Contract Renewal: Automate Contract Renewal of an Employee: Pop up (alarm) for the contract renewal date in advance.

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HR Management Software