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HR Management Software

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Employee Master Database Module : maximize performance

HR Management Software

Able to capture the complete important information of an Employee, this information is the backbone of Employee Database.

  • Employee General Information: All basic information about an Employee such as -Name, Emp. Code, Fathers name, Contact Addresses, Email Addresses, Mobile Numbers, Blood Group etc
  • Employee Salary Structure: Complete Salary Structure of an employee covering all the Earnings, Deductions in particular grade, with benefits accordingly.
  • Employee Dependent Details: Information about the Dependents that is required for Payroll and Reimbursement perspectives
  • Employee Payroll Information: Important information like Bank Detail, Account Number, PF and ESIC Number, PAN Number, etc.
  • Past Employment Details: Important information of past employment including Employer Name, Salary Structure and Positions held
  • Past Training Details: Information on Trainings attended by the employee as on date.
  • Membership Details: Detail of memberships held by the employee.
  • Attachments: Facility to attach scanned photograph, Resume, Increment & other Letters & digital signature of an employee.
  • Health: Facility to enter health information of an employee, after health checkup during the interview.
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HR Management Software