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HR Management Software

Manage all Crucial Assests of your organisation through Smart HRM

HRMS ( Human Resource Management System) is basically a combination of system and manually processing system that connects human resource management and Information technology through HR Software. The software will not only take HR tools at one place but it also collects all the data by merging all relevant HR information into a single database. We at XS Infosol offers comprehensive HR management Software which is affordable, easy to use human resource management system including recruitment, payroll, leave and attendance management. Our Smart HRM completely manage big as well as small organization or human resources in tremendous way. As we all know, that an Employee is a crucial assests of any organization. With the implementation of SMART HRM every hectic and tedious task can be managed easily, this includes attendance, salary, leave, training, Employee Performance,Employee Exist Management and many more.

Technology is an effective and efficient way of making company and business organisation easier and reliable. Our Smart HRM is a software solution that includes all the human resources related functions so that small as well as big business organisation can handle their all major functions like accounting, marketing, sales, employee management etc. As we all know that everything that a company needs to manage it's human resources. This products will help to manage all hectic and tedious task of any small as well as big business organisations.

Some major functions of our Smart HRM

  • 1.Leave Management

  • 2.Payroll Management

  • 3.Maintenance of time sheets and attendance records

  • 4.Manage Employee Performance

  • 5.Management of leave policies and absentees

  • 6.Management of daily and weekly schedules
HR Management Software

Features :
HR Management Software

  • Reporting Relationship
  • Increment & Promotion
  • Training & Development
  • Payroll Management Module
  • Disciplinary Action Module
  • Performance Appraisal Management
  • HR Letters
  • Exit Management Module
  • Employee Self Service
HR Management Software
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HR Management Software
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HR Management Software